We had an incredible experience. It was our 5 and 7 year old kids, my husband and me. None of us were experienced birders, although our 7 year old is a lover of all birds of prey. Jim was our guide and was spectacular. Informative, patient, wonderful with the animals, responsive to our various interests. The pacing of the experience was perfect. The grounds were incredibly beautiful, we were thrilled to meet the Cullens, who were welcoming and lovely. The intimacy of the experience made the day one of the best days of our summer.
— Amy K.

A beautiful welcome, fabulous kind expert guide. The birds are all wonderful, the kids were blown away
— Lucy T.

My parents and I were introduced to a variety of hawks, falcons and owls. We took the Harris Hawks out to the open field, where they flew to our gloves; also had some time with the 22 year old harris in a tighter vicinity. Ended the day with a baby Black Vulture. Jim was extremely informative and an excellent guide. This was a fantastic experience.
— Ariel E.

We had a wonderful couple of hours meeting many birds and handling some of them.
— Melissa G.

Our experience was fantastic! It went above and beyond anything we expected or imagined. We enjoyed the educational insight on the birds and falconry and the opportunity to get hands-on experience. Tommy was so gracious, knowledgeable and a great guide. In addition to the great falconry experience, we loved the recommendations of local spots to check out! The distillery was very cool.
— Alexis D.

I had an incredible falconry experience with Jim. He was extremely informative, friendly and clearly passionate about his career, which was inspiring. I loved getting to hear about, and see, a variety of different birds. Of course getting to call and feed the Harris Hawks was incredible.
— Jaclyn H.

Undeniably incredible.
— Vaughn B.

It was fantastic. Walking through the woods with the birds was great and getting to watch them hunt. It was very exciting and the whole group learned so much. Getting to have them fly to us was also really exhilarating. I enjoyed watching the gyrfalcon fly and getting to see out up close. Everyone was very helpful and informative and it was an amazing experience.
— Stuart S.

We had a fantastic experience. We loved how informative our guide was. The walk was great and it was really fun to get to have the hawks land on our fits.
— Suzanne K.