Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Will I/my group be able to put on the glove and hold the bird?


While some birds will only be handled by our trained and licensed professionals, you will have the opportunity to hold as many birds as we have available!

Q: How long do the tours last?

A: The Hawk Walk : approximately 90 minutes

The Excursion: approximately 3 hours

The tour lengths are listed as approximations, as they are catered to each groups interests and desires on the day. We allow for extra time around your scheduled event to make sure our staff are never rushing customers to get to the next group. Please take advantage and enjoy your time with us!

Q: What sort of clothes should I wear/what should I bring with me?

A: We highly recommend wearing proper footwear consistent with hiking and walking through fields and woods. Dress depending on the time of year your excursion is scheduled. Dress properly and bring a camera, and we will provide all you need for the duration of you experience with us.

Wear appropriate clothing for the outdoors. We may find ourselves walking though prickers, mud, wind, and rain. Clothing that can withstand the prickers and boots that can get a little muddy are best! Jackets that are both wind and water resistant are recommended to have on hand. In the winter months please where multiple layers of warm clothing.

Q: What times are Falconry Excursions available to book?

A: We are open all year around. To view our available schedule click the button below and select your package of interest:

Q: Are there any age restrictions for any of the packages?

A: No.

You are never too young/old to experience and enjoy the sport of falconry, however we usually recommend that children are aged a minimum of 5 years old to fly a hawk. With assistance younger kids will be able to hold the hawks on their gloved fists in order to briefly enjoy and experience. We encourage all ages to get involved and we cater each excursion based upon the specific needs of the group. Our walks through the woods/fields differ depending on the groups abilities, so never feel discouraged. 

Q: Do we have to participate in hunting activities?

A: No.

While we encourage everyone to get as close as possible to the birds during all aspects of the experience, we also understand that hunting is not for everyone. If you would prefer to not involve hunting in your experience, please let us know in the Special Instructions section of your booking and also remind us, upon your arrival for the experience.

Q: What if the weather is bad?

A: Depends on the weather. We are happy to reschedule at any time if you feel the weather is going to jeopardize your package. Cancellations due to weather made by the Falconry Excursions staff are not subject to cancellation policy.

Rain: If the rain is very bad (solid rain all day) we would recommend that you contact us to see if your package is jeopardized or not. It is rare for us to cancel tours due to weather, but the hawks do not fly well in prolonged heavy rain. Intermittent showers are no problem at all. 

Snow: While flying the birds through a snow storm can be majestic, cancellations may occur due to safety concerns on both our staff and customers reaching our location.

Heat/Humidity: Extreme heat and humidity can force us to limit our birds activities at the hottest points of the day.

We will contact you if your package is jeopardized, but if unsure we would recommend that you contact us to see if your package is jeopardized or not.

Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: There is a 24 hour cancellation policy in place. Forfeiture of deposit if cancelled by you within 24 hours of your scheduled excursion.

Refund of any payments and deposits up until 24 hours prior to scheduled excursion. Rescheduleing to future date available within 24 hour period, but application of forfeited deposit is at discretion of Falconry Excursions management. Please contact us should this need arrive.

Q: Is there a best time of day to fly the hawks?

A: No.

Interestingly, there is no particular better or worse time of day to fly the hawks from the hawks point of view. We have a lot of hawks and they all usually fly twice daily, once a.m. and once again p.m. and this is the system that they like the best and that is best for them. So whatever time suits you, please don’t hesitate to come and enjoy!

Q: Is there a best time of year to book an excursion?

A: No, but the seasons provide different tours highlights to enjoy:

Spring: We are the one of the largest raptor breeding facilities in the United States, and the most diverse. During the spring is when babies are being born and raised into young strong adolescent birds. We invite our guest a look at certain aspects of our endeavor.

Summer: Nice weather and young birds beginning the training and exploring of the world. Hunting and older birds are in their mounting period.

Fall: Small game hunting season begins and the birds have finished molting (growing) new feathers. With the change of leaves and the eventual loss of leaves, the flights through the trees really begins to heat.

Winter: With the eventual loss of the leaves, hunting season is truly underway. The birds are in their peak fitness and the flights and video footage are always world class.

Q: Are spectators allowed to accompany a Falconry Excursion?

A: No.

All of our packages are private experiences so it is not possible to spectate somebody else's falconry experience.

Q: Is it possible to take photos and videos during the experience?

A: Yes!

Always listen to the instructions of your guide, but we encourage as many pictures as you can get!

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